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“Alla Ricerca dell’Aura Perduta”, Galleria Regionale d’Arte Contemporanea Spazzapan, curated by Paolo Toffolutti

Castello di Lajone – International Art Exhibition, Alessandria, Italy, curated by CIY

LICHT, Group Global 3000, Berlin

Some of my works are part of ADA – Archive of Digital Art

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Cloud Murmurs Cloud Murmurs Cloud Murmurs

By diegocaglioni

On 03, Dec 2013 | In | By diegocaglioni

Cloud Murmurs

web project 
2013-2014, in-progress

This project collects sound recordings taken in different dacenters, rooms where we store our data, websites and sensitive informations, as big clouds following us everywhere.

Clouds seems to us intangible and impalpable, silent, due to their impossible distance. So servers, hidden and jealously protected, continuously working far away from our eyes (and ears).

Actually it’s a noisy space, dominated by strong winds of the cooling fans perpetually turned on that overwhelm any other sound. But if we listen to carefully, we perceive something else: hard disks cawing, voices of technicians working in the near office, muffled sounds from the outside. We can hear many deep and soft murmurs.

I am sure the if we could stand undisturbed, thousands of meters high, in the clouds, between the roars of the winds, we could hear the little murmurs of ourselves.

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155.941 Paia di Basi

By diegocaglioni

On 22, Jun 2007 | In | By diegocaglioni

155.941 Paia di Basi

sound installation
mp3 32kbps mono

In a botanic garden I made a sound installation where an artificial voice pronounce all the 155.941 chloroplast nitrogen bases of Tobacco plant. Nitrogen bases makes the DNA of every living being, they are like letters that compose the words of a discussion, with the changing of their place changes also their meaning. In this way I made the plant speaking which described itself, literally…

Hear the Sound


By diegocaglioni

On 20, Jun 2007 | In | By diegocaglioni

Alfabeto Suonato

interactive installation
two computer keyboards, iMac
2007 (restored in 2015)

Playing Alphabet is an interactive installation composed of two computer keyboards. All alphabet letters are used to be heard in the same time, all of them are pronounced by male and female artificial voices. The two users can keep quiet or listen to the letter which they want pushing a button; female voice will be activated using small, and male using uppercase letters. The work was born as a sound game with letters, it could be played trying to pay attention to the other letters heard playing, but it’s also a battle between man and woman and for whom keep quiet the other.

Hear the Sound