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LICHT, Group Global 3000, Berlin

DIE LICHTENBERG NORM | A4 QuerZwitschermaschine, Berlin

Dark Room 1.0 (from the series “Constellations”) is presented in Partiamo, Hosted by TAXI (a project of Francesca Di Nardo)

Some of my works are part of ADA – Archive of Digital Art

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30 September 2017Castello di Lajone - International Art Exhibition, Alessandria, Italy30-09-2017 to 05-11-2017
17 March 2017 LICHT, Group Global 3000, Berlin17-03-2017 to 12-05-2017
6 November 2015DIE LICHTENBERG NORM | A4 Quer - Zwitschermaschine, Berlin06-11-2015 to 15-11-2015
17 July 2015Dark Room 1.0 (from the series "Constellations") is presented in Partiamo. Hosted by TAXI (a project of Francesca Di Nardo)
1 May 2015"Selfpad" is shown in Luoghi Comuni Festival, Altamura (BA)01-05-2015 to 31-05-2015
10 February 2015Les Sublimes, Fondazione Arthur Cravan, Milan, Italy10-02-2015 to 15-02-2015
4 October 2014Zona di Innesco | Trigger Zone - Kilometro Rosso – Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico, Bergamo, Italy04-10-2014 to 19-10-2014
25 September 2014L'Immagine Del Tempo | Anatomie dell'Immateriale - Artopia Gallery, Milan, Italy
25-09-2014 to 14-11-2014
1 December 2013Cloud Murmurs, HOC/Gallery01-12-2013 to 19-01-2014
18 January 2013Audiovisioni digitali - video e ricerca artistica oggi, MACRO, Rome, Italy18-01-2013 to 19-01-2013
September - October 2012Artribune Magazine #9 cover and Interview by Daniele Perra
12 April 2012BYOB Milano, Pecci Museum, Milan, Italy12-04-2012
31 January 2012Mandato a Memoria, Ex-Ateneo, Bergamo, Italy31-01-2012 to 05-02-2012
14 January 2012PLAY ME, Play list_1, ZAK Project Space, Castello di Monteriggioni, Siena, Italy14-01-2012 to 15-01-2012
22 October 2011Videoart Yearbook 2011, CRAC, Cremona, Italy22-10-2011 to 22-11-2011
30 September 2011I Am Here, Jaaga Creative Common Ground, Bangalore, India30-09-2011 to 07-10-2011
12 July 2011Videoart Yearbook 2011, Chiostro di Santa Cristina, Bologna12-07-2011 to 13-07-2011
15 January 2011Loading..., Placentia Arte, Piacenza15-01-2011 to 09-03-2011
11 January 2011Pitti Immagine Uomo 2011, Stand Sonrisa, Fortezza Da Basso, Florence11-01-2011 to 14-01-2011
4 December 2010Camera Video, Sala Dogana, Palazzo Ducale Fondazione per la Cultura, Genoa04-12-2010 to 16-12-201
25 October 2010Camera Video, Multisala MPX, Padua25-10-2010 to 28-10-2010
7 October 2010Camera Video, tina b. Festival, Prague07-10-2010 to 24-10-2010
31 May 2010Ambiente Video, Ex-Macello, Padua27-05-2010 to 27-06-2010
18 May 2010Pratica e diffusione della videoarte in Italia, Loop Barcelona, Spain
14 February 201015 in collettiva artisti giovani...e giovani artisti viamoronisedici/spazioarte, Bergamo14-02-2010 to 20-03-2010
6 October 2009Selected for Targetti Poulsen Light Art Award, Florence