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“Alla Ricerca dell’Aura Perduta”, Galleria Regionale d’Arte Contemporanea Spazzapan, curated by Paolo Toffolutti

Castello di Lajone – International Art Exhibition, Alessandria, Italy, curated by CIY

LICHT, Group Global 3000, Berlin

Some of my works are part of ADA – Archive of Digital Art

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Featured Projects

Constellations Constellation ( DETAIL Constellations Constellations

By diegocaglioni

On 30, Sep 2015 | In | By diegocaglioni


Photographic series
Ditone-Prints on paper, wood framed
73,6 x 50,3 cm
2015, in-progress

I took these pictures in houses and ateliers of artists, the only light source are electronic devices like iPads, laptops or smartphones.
The camera sensor, taken to the limit, makes some artifacts like dots and small crosses.
These small lights that are living only into the digital eye of the camera, become constellations that surround the galaxy – or the black hole – of the artist.

Installation Views

By diegocaglioni

On 20, Jun 2012 | In | By diegocaglioni


digital print on cotton paper
29,5 x 19,5 cm

The word “Infinite” is the main character of this photo; written on my green scratch pad, left on a green desk. Infinite, like the endless possibilities into the green screen, commonly used in video making. In this endless container the only limit is our imagination, our ability and sensibility of choosing the content.

Installation Views

Faces in The Sky Faces in The Sky Faces in The Sky Faces in The Sky

By diegocaglioni

On 18, Jun 2010 | In | By diegocaglioni

Faces in The Sky

digital print on aluminium
35 x 35 cm (each)

Look to the clouds trying to image faces is a carefree game that everyone does. In Faces in the Sky the artificial intelligence of a computer try to do the same action through an algorithm made for search human faces inside photos. I submitted to the informatic eye thousands pictures of skies from all over the world, some taken by myself, others found in Internet or given by friends but only few little pieces saved themselves from the multitude.
While we looking to the chosen clouds sometimes the hidden face is clear, other times doubt is legitimate: is the machine wrong or we have not enough imagination?

 Installation Views

Avatar Avatar Avatar Avatar

By diegocaglioni

On 17, Jun 2009 | In | By diegocaglioni


digital print on aluminium
70 x 70 cm (each)
6 months; 12 months; 18 months; 24 months

The photos are overlaps of avatars (images used in chat everyone chooses to represent themselves) of people i met chatting.
I’ve chosen the virtual world of chat as a meeting place par excellence of contemporary, where everyone can put on fleeting identities, in “low definition”, hard to determine, controlled by pixels, a place where everyone can be anybody …also himself.
Avatar is a work in progress: I’ll keep on to overlap avatars and every 6 months i’ll show the result; the final images represent sediments of meeting, of friendships… Of memories.

Installation Views

Divieto d’Affissione Divieto d’Affissione Divieto d’Affissione Divieto d’Affissione

By diegocaglioni

On 19, Jun 2006 | In | By diegocaglioni

Divieto d’Affissione

digital print on aluminium
36 x 27 cm

Divieto d’Affissione is a work that shows photographically how present urban reality is heavy encroached by advertising.
I looked for that “blank” placards, where we could see through. With photo-retouch I replaced the most part of the reality outside the placard with some advertising.
So, the placard itself, an “advertising reality” brace, become a glimmer of the “living reality” and, at the same time, their weave.