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“Alla Ricerca dell’Aura Perduta”, Galleria Regionale d’Arte Contemporanea Spazzapan, curated by Paolo Toffolutti

Castello di Lajone – International Art Exhibition, Alessandria, Italy, curated by CIY

LICHT, Group Global 3000, Berlin

Some of my works are part of ADA – Archive of Digital Art

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Divieto d’Affissione Divieto d’Affissione Divieto d’Affissione Divieto d’Affissione

By diegocaglioni

On 19, Jun 2006 | In | By diegocaglioni

Divieto d’Affissione

digital print on aluminium
36 x 27 cm

Divieto d’Affissione is a work that shows photographically how present urban reality is heavy encroached by advertising.
I looked for that “blank” placards, where we could see through. With photo-retouch I replaced the most part of the reality outside the placard with some advertising.
So, the placard itself, an “advertising reality” brace, become a glimmer of the “living reality” and, at the same time, their weave.