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“Alla Ricerca dell’Aura Perduta”, Galleria Regionale d’Arte Contemporanea Spazzapan, curated by Paolo Toffolutti

Castello di Lajone – International Art Exhibition, Alessandria, Italy, curated by CIY

LICHT, Group Global 3000, Berlin

Some of my works are part of ADA – Archive of Digital Art

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GaribaldiMap project

garibaldiMap - sito esempio web

“GaribaldiMap” intends to map all monuments to Giuseppe Garibaldi, as far as possible, throughout the world. Probably most statues of the “hero of the two worlds” can be found in squares, crossroads or main streets. This could be one of the reasons why they’re often unnoticed by passersby.


garibaldi map esempio

Every time I find a new Garibaldi’s statue, I take a Google Street View screenshot.

This tool is very useful to observe how the leader has been portrayed, but most important, to understand the relationship between the public work and its environment.


garibaldiMap - postcard esempio


GaribaldiMap project is meant to be shared by users.

You can add new addresses in The Map page!
If you haven’t a Google account, you can also write a new address in the blog or send it to, and I’ll put it in the map!

In Street Views page, you’ll see all the monuments from Google Street View “point of view” …and also digital postcards, that you can download, print and send!