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GaribaldiMap (portraits) GaribaldiMap (portraits) GaribaldiMap (portraits)

By diegocaglioni

On 19, Jun 2011 | In | By diegocaglioni

GaribaldiMap (portraits)

HTML5 animation
no sound
squared aspect ratio 
variable duration 
2011, in-progress

Some pictures of the monuments, that I’ve found in GaribaldiMap project, has been used to make a portrait series. I’ve cut this low definition photos and “crumbled” them by group of pixel with the same color, frame by frame, until they disappear. In this way the hero, almost unrecognizable, constantly composes itself and fades away just like it comes to memory and then goes to oblivion.

See the Animation
GaribaldiMap (portraits) 2.0 [feat call me eS]